Stanhope School District

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Stanhope Schools
Name: Ms. Nicole Ehrgott      
Grade: 3E
Room #: 7
Together is Better!  

 What we are learning this week: 
Reading Workshop 
We are working practicing Reading workshop routine. 
Writing Workshop In writing workshop, we are brainstorming and writing true stories in our writing journals. 
Math  In Math, we are finishing Topic 4  on Meaning of Multiplication. We will be on this topic for the next two weeks. Students will use repeated addition to understand multiplication. 
Science  In Science, we are on our plant unit. We are studying what plants need, how roots, stem, and leaves help plants live, and some different shapes and sizes of leaves.  Our vocabulary is roots, stem, leaf, and cell. Next, we will be studying what parts simple plants have, how to meet their needs, and where they usually live? 
Social Studies  In Social Studies, we are studying Communities and Geography. Every community has landforms and bodies of water. The land and water provide food, jobs, and fun. People use the land for farming and hiking. The water can be used for fishing or swimming. People work together to protect their environment to continue to enjoy where they live.