• Running our Own race  
    At Valley Road School our program permits every learner to run their own race. It is our role as a direct support system to create and contrive a multitude of learning opportunities through varied experiences to provide each learner with the necessary tools academically and socially they will need to map and reach their educational goals. We teach through Positive Reinforcement by providing a familiar atmosphere of Functional Daily Routines that help our learners build confidence, maintain motivation and seek new knowledge across people, places and activities. We offer and create individualized educational programs giving each learner a chance to build upon their strengths through engaging and enriching educational lesson planning. We make connections across our school day with our other school peers, teachers and subject areas. We seek to utilize our Functional Communication skills to share in conversations with others throughout our school day. We come and go knowing we are safe, cared for and continuing to learn something new each day. We are a community of learners willing to express our individuality and moreover we pride ourselves on Acceptance of All.