Happy Fall to All
    About Our Team:
    Here at Valley Road we are fortunate to have such qualified professionals supporting our students. Each of my paraprofessionals have a minimum of sixty graduate level credits. In addition to their individualized professional experiences. Together we form a collective team with one purpose. The aim of maximizing each learners individual strengths. We are able to reach and teach our learners through Positive Behavior Supports.
    About Me:
    I value all learners. I believe in the power of humankind to generate good for all. I am a lifelong learner. I appreciate experiencing others reach their personal goals. I am a teacher vested in learning and understanding what motivates each of my students, what are their personal goals at school and how can I support their achievement of them. I recognize the most important part of my student's educational journey is my connection to their family. Therefore, it is ever so important for me to listen, chat and understand my families and the educational goals they have for their child. I believe in making educational decisions based on empirically based research of best practices. I believe in a team approach with the student and family at the center. I believe in continuing education as a 21st century teacher for my 21st century learners. I believe in learning things together. I recognize it is my role as the classroom teacher to Model Excellence for All at home, school and in our community. I am thankful to be serving at such a wonderful school with so many great children!
    Professional Certificates:
    NJ Supervisor 
    National Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
    NJ Special Education Teacher
    PA Special Education Teacher