CLASSROOM GUIDELINES:  Click on this link for a copy of our  4th Grade Classroom Guidelines.
    STUDENT JOBS/RESPONSIBILITIES:  Students have classroom jobs following the Classroom Economy program.  Ask your child what their job title!

    SUPPLIES:  Here is a link for the 4th Grade Supply list.  Throughout the year, students will need to restock items from this list.
    NJ STANDARDS: NJCCCS - This is the link for the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.  It includes what will be taught in 4th grade.  Choose a subject and scroll to 4th grade to view details.  There will be NJAsk testing review and preparation time throughout the year.  The NJAsk test for 4th grade encompasses Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science.
    SCHOLASTIC:  Our Scholastic classroom code is HPTLW.
    LOCAL FOODBANK  Please send in a canned or boxed food item.  When we have a fair amount of items, I will get them to the local food pantry right her in Stanhope.