We have COMPLETED our Word Vocabulary for short and long vowels. Thank you for your support. I hope you are seeing improvements in your child's knowledge and stamina. 
     March Reading Goal : Read10 minutes every day. List the books in the spiral notebook when you finish. See label on page 60.
    For Pizza Hut.
    Please check the spiral notebook every day for homework assignments. New spelling packets come home every Monday.
    Please make sure  your child has the spiral notebook and blue folder every day. Only blue folders come home for the weekend.
     In first grade, we are setting the study habits for a lifetime learner.
    Here are the basic steps for this year:
            1-bring it home. 
            2- do it,     
            3- bring it back. 


    Any questions for me? Any help or suggestions?                                                       Sdavis@stanhopeschools.org 973-347 -0008