• The art room is a classroom filled with energy and excitement. Each class explores a multitude of different mediums and techniques throughout the school year.
    In order to keep our classroom running efficiently, we can always use the following items:
    Baby Food Containers/Lids - Plastic (Gerber Stages, rectangular style; please do not send in glass)
    Sponge Brushes
    Large Plastic Tubs
    Large Wrapping Paper Tubes (Now is the time for these, and we are in DIRE need!)
    Plastic Frozen Entree Containers
    Plastic Soda Bottle Caps
    Please do not send in other items without checking with Mrs. O'Neill first. The artroom can become a cluttered mess very quickly, and there are items that are frequently sent in that we simply do not need at this time.
    Thank you for your support.