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    TO:             Students, Parents, Faculty, & Staff

    FROM:        Mrs. Benedetto &  Mrs. Grube

    SUBJECT:   “Operation Forget Me Not” – Military Care Package Effort

    DATE:         School Year 2018-2019


    We will continue to send care packages from our school to military personnel stationed overseas.  During the course of time, more than 230 packages have been shipped from our school.  The effort began as a means for students to acknowledge those everyday heroes among us who keep us safe; firefighters, police officers, emergency personnel, and more.  It continued as a means to do a random act of kindness for others that you might not even know, but that kind act can mean the world of difference to someone so far from home.


    If you have someone you would like a package sent to who is stationed overseas, forward the APO address to Mrs. Benedetto or Mrs. Grube.  If you are motivated to contribute toward this effort, please drop off any item below to Mrs. Benedetto, Mrs. Grube or to the main office.  We will mail care packages as soon as there is enough to fill a box!  Thanks to all for your continued support: since September 11, 2001.



    ·         Donation toward shipping (it costs about $16.00 per box for postage)

    ·         Personal Notes/Cards/Drawings (first names only from students)

    ·         Boxed Cookies/Girl Scout Cookies

    ·         Pez with dispensers

    ·         Life Savers/Swedish Fish/Twizzlers/Tootsie Rolls/Gum/Bubble Gum/Lollipops

    ·         Slim Jims/Beef Jerky

    ·         Travel Size: toothbrushes, lotion, powder, unscented deodorant, hand sanitizer

    ·         Brushups/Listerine Strips/Lip Balm

    ·         Handi Wipes/Baby Wipes/Body Wipes

    ·         New/Like New Magazines

    ·         Music CD's/DVD/s

    ·         White Tube Socks

    ·         Odor Eaters

    ·         Batteries

                      .     playing cards and yo-yo's