In sixth grade, students are ready to deepen their understanding
    of the Earth and its peoples through the study of
    history, geography, politics, culture, and economic systems.
    The recommended context for social studies
    learning in sixth grade is world history and
    geography. Students begin their examination
    of the world by exploring the location, place,
    and spatial organization of the world’s major
    regions. This exploration is then followed by
    looking at world history from its beginnings.
    Students are given an opportunity to study a
    few ancient civilizations deeply. In that way,
    students develop higher levels of critical
    thinking by considering why civilizations developed
    where and when they did and why they declined.
    Student analyze the interactions among the various cultures,
    emphasizing their enduring contributions and the
    link between the contemporary and ancient worlds.
     .    CIVICS
     In seventh grade students become more proficient with the core concepts in social studies. Throughout
     the year we focus on a continuation of world history from sixth grade as students look at the
    geography and civics.  Students explore the ideas, issues, and events from the framing of the Constitution up through
    Reconstruction and industrialization. After reviewing the founding of the United States, particularly the
    Constitution, students explore the development of politics, society, culture, and economy in the United
    States to deepen conceptual understandings in civics, geography, and economics.
     .     American History
    8th Grade American History begins with the Civil War, after that we will learn in depth such areas like Reconstruction, Settling the West, and the two World Wars. Eighth grade students develop a new, more abstract level of understanding of social studies concepts.  We will also discuss economics and compete in a stock market game which will give our students a real understanding of the importance of the economy.