• Grade 8

    Portfolio and Mini Murals

    In Portfolio, students will explore the various avenues available to them in the world of art. After discussion of these career opportunities, each student will choose one that interests him/her, producing an individual artist portfolio with representation from their chosen field. Life skills, as well as cover letters and resumes, will also be a focus.  The importance of presentation, in art and in life, will then be addressed as each student presents their portfolio in a personal interview format. During individual presentations, portfolios will be critiqued formally by the rest of the class.

    The following marking period will bring a wealth of excitement to the art room. We will be designing a unique work of art that will be left behind as a legacy on the walls of our school! Students will first explore the art of painting and take an in-depth look at artists and their painting styles over the centuries. Utilizing their knowledge of the elements and principles of art, each student will then create their design based on a given theme. Thumbnails will become final sketches, and sketches will then evolve into rough draft paintings within the classroom. We will practice and experiment with acrylic painting techniques on canvas board before moving to the hallways, learning about materials and painting terminology along the way. The end of the marking period will mark the end of their art education at Valley Road School, each student leaving behind a signed work of art on the walls to commemorate their time and presence here.