• Genesis Parent Portal (PDF Version)

    Website address: www.stanhopeschools.org/parentportal

    Enter your User Name and Password and click “Login”
    (Note: Your user name and password were provided to you via an email from school with the subject “Parent Portal Now Open - Initial User Name and Password Provided”)

    After logged in, you are presented with the Summary tab of information.

    Summary of available tabs, buttons and links:

    Summary Tab - Contains basic student information including current weekly student attendance, weekly class assignments, and current schedule.
    Assessments Tab - Contains standardized test scores.
    Attendance Tab - Displays student daily attendance.
    Grading Tab - Provides access to current grades, available report cards and progress reports.
    Discipline Tab - Displays current year discipline infractions.
    Gradebook Tab - Provides access to current grades and weekly assignments.
    Documents and Forms Tabs -  Contains district documents/forms including permission slips, student/parent information, etc.

    Settings Button - Provides the ability to change your password.
    Logout Button - Used when session is complete to logout of the Parent Portal.

    Cafeteria Parent Portal Link: Provides a link to the Cafeteria Parent Portal.
    Lunch Menu Link: A link to the lunch menu for the month.


    Navigation through the portal:
    Each of the tabs across the top of the page can be clicked to access your child’s information.

    When within each tab, please use the “Select Student:” drop down menu to select which child’s information you would like to see. (Note: The Summary tab always shows all of the children you have access to.)

    Summary: This is the main view seen when logged into the portal. Scrolling through the page will show your child’s information. Just above the schedule you have the ability to print your child schedule out by clicking “List Format”. (Note: Schedule will be in PDF format). You have direct access to the Gradebook tab by clicking on the assignments for any given day located on the bottom left of your childs summary.

    Assessments: When data is present it will be viewable by clicking on the line item for the test.

    Attendance: Attendance is displayed in a month to month view.

    Grading: Within this tab there are two views.
    • “Current Grades” view will display grade and comments to date. When a comment code is hovered over it will highlight the corresponding comment in the Comments Legend below.
    • “Available Report Cards” view will show a list of downloadable report cards. (Note: report cards are downloaded in PDF format)

    Discipline: This tab is a running list of discipline incidents and actions.

    Gradebook: Within this tab there are two views.
    • “Weekly Summary” view provides a list of clickable courses, Teachers, and assignments for the week. To select a different week, click the small calendar icon to the left of the date below your child’s name in the center of the page.
    • “List Assignments” view provides the ability to search for assignments using the parameters “Course”, “Status”, “Assignments”, and “Show Assignment Dates”. Using the “Print Assignments” link on the upper right side of the results, you have the ability to save or print the list. (Note: File for “Print Assignments” will be in PDF Format)

    Documents: When documents are available for your child, you can access them by clicking on them.

    Forms: When forms are available for your child, they can be filled out online here.