New Jersey has been a leader in the establishment of a strong statutory, regulatory, policy and program framework to support the prevention, remediation and reporting of HIB in schools. Provided below are information and resources to aid schools in the establishment of HIB policies, the adoption of HIB program strategies, the implementation of proactive responses to HIB and the adoption of effective HIB reporting procedures.

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    Stanhope School District HIB Policy:


    State Of New Jersey Information on HIB:


    Anti-bullying Coordinator:

    Alicia DiCataldo
    Phone: 973.347.0008
    EMail: afinklea-dicataldo@stanhopeschools.org

    Affirmative Action Officer:

    Steve Hagemann
    Phone: 973.347.0008
    EMail: shagemann@stanhopeschools.org

    Anti-bullying Specialist:

    Assunta Coppola
    Phone: 973.347.0008 x4108
    EMail: acoppola@stanhopeschools.org

    Other Information:

    At the end of each school year, the State
    of NJ requires all schools to complete an
    HIB Self Assessment. The link below
    contains a grading summary for Stanhope School.
    This assessment grades each district's efforts
    to implement the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR)

    School Safety Team Committee:

    Assunta Jardine
    Steve Hagemann
    Alicia DiCataldo
    Jessica Frank
    Celeste Mayhood
    Leif Ruschmeyer
    Margaret Reilly
    Megan Jaust