• Stanhope Public Schools

    Title I ASAP

    Academic Support and Achievement Program Grades K-8


    At Valley Road School, The Title I Academic Support and Achievement Program is a supplemental instructional program in grades Kindergarten through 4 in reading, language, and mathematics. In grades 5-8, the Academic Support is designed to support and build students’ foundational skills in Math and Language Arts. In grades K-4, support is provided through push-in and pull-out methods, utilizing classroom teachers. The instruction is diagnostic, prescriptive, and individualized. The support is provided in small group setting or one-on-one.


    Instruction in Literacy and/or Mathematics is also available to ESL students and students with 504 plans who may require additional support.



    Students are recommended at the end of the previous school year, and the beginning of the current school year by the classroom teacher and/or the Academic Support teacher. The teacher then fills out “Academic Support Referral” form for each student. Students who are identified as needing additional help in the subjects of Reading, Language, and/or Mathematics using multiple measures are recommended for Academic Support. These measures include but are not limited to the Terra Novas, ASK/PARCC, Running Records and other reading diagnostics, Grade-Level Sight Word Assessments, classroom performance, teacher and/or parent recommendation.


    After testing and reviewing results, recommendations are made for the students to enter the Academic Support and Achievement Program. A permission letter is then sent home to the parent/guardian. The classroom teacher receives a list of students for placement into Academic Support. At this point, student needs will be identified, a schedule will be planned, and services will be provided. Based on each student’s needs, it is up to the Academic Support teacher’s, and classroom teachers’ discretion to determine how many times the student needs to attend ASAP per week for each subject for which they are eligible.


    Throughout the school year, students may enter and exit the program. The Academic Support teacher will provide reasoning for either and will notify the classroom teacher, as well as the parents/guardians of the outcome. Parents/guardians may also provide a written request for their student to enter or exit the program throughout the year.



    The Title I ASAP permission letter is sent to the parent/guardian of any student that is recommended to receive services at the beginning of the school year. This letter is to be returned to the school in a prompt manner so that services can begin for that student. This letter serves as written permission to provide services to the student.  A copy of this signed letter is placed in the student’s portfolio/file.


    The parent/guardian can also decline the recommendation for services.   It is requested that this decline of services be in written form and a meeting should be held with the principal, teacher, and/or Title I ASAP Coordinator/Teacher to review reasoning and eligibility.



    Once it has been recommended and approved that a student no longer needs Title I ASAP services, a letter of notification is sent home. This notice needs to come back signed by a parent/guardian approving of the dismissal from the program. A copy of this letter is placed in the student’s portfolio/file.



    When a student is placed in ASAP, a portfolio file is made and maintained by the Academic Support teacher. The file contains:

    ·         Parent permission Slip and possible Exit Letter

    ·         Formal Assessments

    ·         Progress Reports

    ·         Other various assessments and work samples

    ·         Copies of email communications with the parents



    The Title I Academic Support Teacher submits lesson plans in conjunction with the Common Core State Standards to the administration outlining what skills will be reviewed with students for a specified time frame.



    Progress reports are completed two times a year by the Academic Support Teacher. The report is sent via email or it is sent home with the student. The report is also placed in the student’s portfolio/file and their cumulative file in the main office. 



    Meetings will be held during the Parent’s Right-to-Know Meeting (scheduled at the beginning of the school year or the end of the summer) to discuss with parents the structure and emphasis of The Title I Academic Support and Achievement Program and to create a Home-School Compact, and during the Fall and Spring conferences to discuss their student’s progress. The Academic Support Teacher meets with school staff to discuss and/or review program structure, curriculum, assessments, procedures, scheduling, or other pertinent information. The Academic Support Teacher is also available to meet with parents and staff in person or through email. Communication with staff and parents/guardians is ongoing and encouraged.