• Daily Reading & Math Assignments: 

    Students should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes per night (four nights a week). Please sign the reading log each night and have student return each day in their reading bag.

    Each Monday a minimum of 2 Hours of reading are due for a maximum of 20 points.
    Please be sure to check reading/spelling bag each night for any additional homework assignments, projects and/or make-up work.

    Math workbook homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday night; Please see planner for specific pages assigned. 

    Weekly Spelling Assignments: (Spelling test will be given each Friday)

    Weekly Spelling Contracts are due each Friday (unless otherwise noted).

    Assignments can be completed all at once or one each night (minimum of 20 points  a week for full credit).

    Contract requirements are located in each student's individual spelling notebook (inside cover).

    Please be aware spelling contract requirements will be changed each month.