About Me & My Philosophy...
    I am currently in my third year here at Valley Road School and collectively in my thirteenth year of teaching...I am both thankful and excited to begin another new school year with my students!
    I have a dual certification as an Elementary Education (K-5) Teacher and Special Education Teacher. Prior to coming to Stanhope I taught both the LLD Third/Fourth Grade and the General Education Third/Fourth Grade in the Woodland Park School District for eight years. Prior to Woodland Park, I worked as a Special Education teacher in the private sector, primarily educating the Autistic population ranging from Kindergarten to Twelfth grade. 
    I am a graduate of Montclair State University and have furthered my education post graduate through attendance at both William Paterson University, The College of New Jersey and St. Peter's University where I recently graduated with my Masters of Arts in Education; Educational Leadership. My undergraduate studies were in Human Ecology, which granted me the title of Child Life Specialist, C.L.S. With this, I had the amazing experience of working with many children at both The Goryeb Children's Hospital and The University of Medicine and Dentistry Hospital, UMDNJ. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this journey and the wonderful experiences and opportunities it has granted me.
    My philosophy is deeply rooted in my strong passion and dedication to education, not in words but more so in actions. I enjoy building upon every challenge and new methodology that is brought my way as an educator, mentor, voice and advocate for my students. My deep love of education, collaboration and brain-based learning research challenges me each and every day to help in bringing new strategies, differentiation techniques and lessons to my students.  I believe that each and every one of my students is capable, that growth is progress and that progress is always possible with determination and teamwork. I am a cheerleader for determination. I am a team builder. I am a success story lover.
    I believe my life has come to flourish by being surrounded with such unique, talented and amazingly beautiful children, educators, families and community through my years in teaching. I am truly blessed to be graced by my student’s awesome smiles, laughter and curiosity as engaged learning occurs. With dedication and rigorous skill application the construction of individualized stairways toward higher education occur each and every day, igniting a miraculous journey. 
    Being an educator is an amazing place to be, experiencing growth, pride, joy, accomplishment and achievement. I am truly proud to be here and am thankful for the privilege.