• Students in grades K-5 need to have a pair of sneakers with them so that they can be an active participant on days that they have P.E.
    Student in grades 6-8 must bring sneakers and a change of clothes that are appropriate and can be left in their locker. It is encouraged to bring a sweatshirt/sweatpants for the cooler days in the Fall and Spring when we head outside. Please take clothes home to wash them weekly. 
    The goals of our P.E. class is to:
    1. Develop a healthy self concept by understanding one’s individuality and limitations, as well as those of others.
    2. Achieve and maintain a reasonable level of personal fitness.
    3. Be familiar with a variety of physical activities that can be enjoyed as life-time activities.
    4. Develop the ability to have fun individually and be able to work cooperatively as a member of a group.
    5. Understand and apply rules and techniques of various team and individual activities.
    6. Develop good sportsmanship in individual and team activities.
    7. Demonstrate a respect for the rights and individual differences of others. 
     Rules of the locker room:
    1. Do not run or “horse around” in the locker rooms.
    2. Food is not allowed in the locker rooms or gym.
    3. Use waste containers for items you wish to throw away. Please help keep your locker rooms clean and neat.
    4. All items left in the locker room and/or floor will be put in the lost and found.
    5. Make sure you lock up your valuables.
    6. Do not share a locker with anyone.