• Preschool Program


    Valley Road School offers curriculum driven preschool and prekindergarten programs that are designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience for students, beginning at the age of three years. This program consists of general education students, and students with special needs.  Students with special needs benefit from learning alongside their general education peers through hands-on, meaningful, play-based activities while general education students are presented with curriculum targeting achievement of prekindergarten skills.  

    In the classroom, each child is viewed as a unique individual, and developmentally appropriate practices are used to build skills in the areas of cognition, social, emotional, fine & gross motor, self-regulation, self-help, and language skills. Assistive and augmentative communication devices are used as appropriate. Techniques from occupational, physical, and speech therapy are woven throughout the day for all students.

    We believe that children learn through investigation and in an environment where they feel safe and supported. Curiosity is encouraged and ideas are shared. We have fun learning, and positive skills are developed that will follow each child throughout the rest of their educational experience.