• BD Program at Valley Road School

    The Behavioral Disabilities (BD) program at The Valley Road School is designed to provide academic instruction and support services for students with behavioral challenges. The program focuses on individualized academic instruction with an emphasis placed on daily social interactions through peer relationships. Our experienced staff of special education teachers, social workers, occupational therapists, case managers, aides, and a behavior consultant address the individual needs of the students. Our comprehensive team works together to develop individualized education plans that foster and monitor academic, social, emotional and behaviors allowing each student to achieve their personal best.

    When appropriate, students have the opportunity to participate in the general education setting, such as creative and visual arts, STEM, physical education (with Adaptive PE offered, if needed), world language, extracurricular clubs and afterschool sports programs. Communication and social skill building are some of the additional services provided to the students that allow them to participate in a well-rounded academic program. Each student has access to support staff throughout the day to support and address their individual needs across all academic settings.