• STANHOPE PUBLIC SCHOOL through a shared service agreement for a Regional Curriculum and Professional Development Vision Byram, Netcong, & Lenape Valley Regional High School Districts will support each student, parent/guardian, teacher & administrator as a united team with a clear, detailed, articulated standards-driven scholastic vision. The four districts, PK-12, through consistent dialogue with the whole school community, will build a social-emotional, character developmental, intra & interscholastic sports & clubs rich, & academically rigorous program for excellence in students' cognitive growth & physical health that will inspire a love for lifelong learning. 

    Students will be monitored & supported with individuated feedback in the classroom that targets their grade level development. An articulated vision for student growth that meets the New Jersey Common Core Content Standards & that surpasses those standards will assure students move toward higher achievements will be provided for all learners' individual capabilities.  

    Along the entire PK-12 journey, from finger paint to Calculus, we will gather specific data to provide studied, concise feedback & guidance about students' post-secondary collegiate &/or career paths. Students will become creators of their ends & goals.

    Students will be ready to meet challenges having been given opportunities to advance themselves in the Netcong or Byram or Stanhope and the Lenape Valley Regional environments with dynamic, conscientiously & continually revised required & elective courses in a caring, safe school environment.  

    The safety of that social, academic environment will challenge students to make mistakes, take risks, fall off the tightrope knowing that the districts' teachers, support staff, administrators, superintendent, parents, & community have established a net to catch them.

    This highwire of academic, athletic, & social-emotional challenges will encourage student growth & will empower students to develop management skills for struggles they encounter.

    Moreover, STANHOPE PUBLIC SCHOOL (and all districts) will provide opportunities aplenty for students to turn missteps into learning, and to expand upon ... to feel extremely proud about ... & to showcase their many successes!