2022/23 District Goals

  • District Goal 1 – Referendum, Facilities, and Technology – One Year

    Bring a referendum to vote to enable the Valley Road School / Stanhope School District to achieve long-term necessary facility upgrades and maintenance and modernize the technology available throughout the school for staff, students, and the community.

    1. Develop the "question” and the financial impact of the referendum
    2. Communicate and gain community support for an affirmative vote.
    3. Coordinate the resources necessary to develop the facilities and technology plans and develop the implementation plan if passed.
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  • District Goal 2 – (Contingent on the Passing of the December 13 Referendum) – Three to Five Years

    Execute the proposed initiatives built into the District’s December 13, 2022 referendum.

    1. Install a centralized HVAC system for the building that will be efficient and economical.
    2. Replace the existing roof at the Valley Road School.
    3. Convert the existing media center into a technology lab/makerspace to foster innovation and creativity within the school’s STEM and science programs.
    4. Update and upgrade the school’s current technology infrastructure by replacing the core network components and wi-fi access points.
    5. Renovate the existing middle school science classroom to enhance the learning experience for all sixth through eighth grade students to provide a safe and modern classroom environment.
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  • District Goal 3 – Curriculum, Instruction, and Programming – Two to Three Years

    Revise district curriculum to provide opportunities for student choice in programming, address all revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards and develop a curriculum platform that provides easy access for anyone within the community. 

    1. Provide student choice electives to create an environment where students can explore additional topics of their interest in the educational setting.
      1. For 8th grade, implement a collaborative program with Lenape Valley High School for students to participate in elective clubs and activities as a precursor to entering high school
      2. For middle school, build student choice in elective scheduling through in-school offerings and more diverse offerings of clubs after school
    2. Move all curricula to a new Google platform to create transparency for community members, including administration, parents, staff, and students. Provide access to all material to all stakeholders.

    Effectively communicate the scope and sequence and student learning objectives within the newly developed health curriculum, which incorporates the New Jersey Comprehensive Health Standards, to parents and the community.

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  • District Goal 4 – Website Redesign – One Year

    Redesign the District Website, including optimization for mobile viewing, for ease of use, transparency and communication of events to the broader community.

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2022/23 Board of Education Goals

  • Board Goal 1 – Communication and Community Engagement – One Year

    Live stream all Board of Education meetings and school events as appropriate, such as Veteran's Day programming, Arbor Day, Winter and Spring concerts and other Student programs to allow for broader community engagement and participation in these events and meetings. Publish and maintain recordings per NJ Statutes governing record retention and the open public meetings act.

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  • Board Goal 2 – Board Member Training and Engagement – Two Years

    Encourage Board member participation in NJSBA events and training to have an acting majority of the Board become Certified Board Members over the next two years. Further encourage leadership within NJSBA, and achievement of additional designations, including Master Board Member and Certified Board Leader.

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