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The Valley Road School's curriculum teams have put forth a tremendous effort to update our school's curricula. We are pleased to present the first round of completed curricula in accordance with the 5 year revision cycle. In the year ahead, we look forward to bringing you language arts, social studies, Spanish, and gifted & talented curricula. Each team has created an authentic curriculum for the students of Stanhope. Our format meets the State Department of Education's criterion and is aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Common Core Content Standards for language arts and mathematics.
Grade Language Arts Social Studies
Grade K Kindergarten Kindergarten
Grade 1 First First
Grade 2 Second Second
Grade 3 Third Third
Grade 4 Fourth Fourth
Grade 5 Fifth Fifth
Grade 6 Sixth Sixth
Grade 7 Seventh Seventh
Grade 8 Eighth Eighth

MathScienceTechnologyPhysical EducationHealth
Cover Letter Cover Page Cover Page
Cover Page
Grade K Math Science Kindergarten
Physical Education
Grade 1 Math Science First
Physical Education Health
Grade 2 Math Science Second
Physical Education Health
Grade 3 Math Science Third
Physical Education 3-4 Health
Grade 4 Math Science Fourth
Physical Education 3-4 Health HRS
Grade 5 Math Science Fifth
Physical Education Health
Grade 6 Math Science Sixth
Physical Education Health
Grade 7 Math Science
Physical Education Health
Grade 8 Algebra 
Physical Education Health

Gifted And TalentedSpanishWorld Cultures
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Cover Page
Grade K

Grade 1

World Cultures
Grade 2

World Cultures
Grade 3 Gifted and Talented
World Cultures
Grade 4 Gifted and Talented
World Cultures
Grade 5 Gifted and Talented
World Cultures
Grade 6 Gifted and Talented Spanish
Grade 7 Gifted and Talented Spanish
Grade 8 Gifted and Talented Spanish

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