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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can my child take medications while in school?            pills

    Medications are drugs, in the State of New Jersey drug use is not permitted in school, or on school grounds. If a child should require medication while in school written consent from the parents, along with written orders from a physician, are necessary.

    Physician's orders MUST include: The name of the drug, why it is being prescribed , the dose, times to be administered, the route (the way it is to be given), and any possible side effects, along with the physician's name and contact number. ALL medication is to be brought to the nurse's office by an adult in the ORIGINAL LABELED CONTAINER.

    See the school nurse for consent forms, or you may write a note, and the physician may fax his/her orders: Attention School Nurse to (973) 347-8368. Please note: these rules also apply for ANY over the counter medications such as tylenol, advil, aleve, cough syrup, pepto bismol, or antacids as well.

    Is my child allowed to self administer medications while in school?

    If your child has a CHRONIC health condition such as Asthma, or Allergic Reactions, he/she is able to self medicate while in school. The same documentation is needed regarding parental permission, and physician consent. The student must be independent in the PROPER administration of the medication.

    When should I keep my child home from school?

    Any child with a chronic bark like cough, fever of 100 degrees F. or more, vomiting, diarrhea should be kept home. Children who have had any of the above symptoms, or who were sent home with similar symptoms should not retun to school until they have been symptom free for 24 hours.
    Who do I notify if I am keeping my child home from school?

    If your child is ill, you must call the absentee line before 9:30am, at (973)347-0008 option 2, follow the directions and leave your child/childrens name, grade, reason for absence, and duration of absence. The nurse will call your home if your child's name appears on the attendance list, and the office has not been notified of the absence. If you would like your child's homework sent home, please call the main office.

    5. Will too many absences affect promotion?

    Any pupil who for any reason fails to attend 165 days of school (15 absences) within any academic year may be subject to administrative review by the Principal, before the student may be considered for course credit or promotion.
    Whenever posssible parents should try to make medical, dental, and other appointments at times other than when school is in session.

    6. Is my child's absence excused if he/she is sent home by the nurse?

    No, the State of New Jersey defines the amount of time the child must be in the building for the day, so as not to count as an absence. Your child must be present until 12:15 PM to gain credit for the day.

    7. Do I have to sent in any documentation after my child has been absent even after I have called the school, or my child was sent home the previous day?

    Yes, we require a note from the parent/guardian stating the day and nature of the illness. For an absence to be considered as excused, a physician's note is required. All notes are kept in the child's health file