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    Name:   Karen Connelly
    Email:   kconnelly@stanhopeschools.org
    Grades:  K thru 8
    Phone:  (973) 347-0008
    Room #: 25

     Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol.  My name is Karen Connelly and I am the Spanish teacher for grades K thru 8. I am located in room 25 and my email address is:  kconnelly@stanhopeschools.org.

    Enero 2016 - January 2016
    Week of January 4, 2016 - Spanish students learned about New Year's Eve celebrations all over the world.  For homework on Monday, they were required to look up a New year's Eve tradition in a country of their choice.  They reported on it in class on Tuesday.  For the remainder of the week, Spanish students are learning about the holiday called El dia de los tres reyes magos - Three Kings Day.  This is a holiday celebrated in Spain, Europe, and Latin America.  Families celebrate the arrival of the three Kings (or wise men) in Bethlehem.
    Students in grades 6 through 8 need to bring a notebook, a folder, and a pen/pencil to class every time.
    Students in grades K through 3 need a pocket folder for Spanish class.