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Stanhope Board of Education Notice of Vacancy



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Stanhope Board of Education is seeking a candidate from the Borough of Stanhope to fill a vacancy on the Board of Education. The term of the seat will be held until December 31, 2026.

Legal requirements for becoming a member of the Board of Education are:

  1. Be able to read and write

  2. Hold U.S. citizenship and one year’s residency in the school district

  3. Be registered to vote in the district

  4. Have no interest in any contract with, or claim against, the board

  5. Not hold office as mayor or member of the municipal governing body 

  1. Not simultaneously hold two elective offices

  2. Not be disqualified from membership for the conviction of certain crimes. (Within 30 days of election or appointment to the board, a member must undergo a criminal history background investigation through the state Department of Education Office of Student Protection.)

  3. Complete a  Financial Disclosure form as well as sign a Code of Conduct and Ethics document once sworn in. 

  4. Complete mandatory New Jersey School Boards training.


Interested candidates are requested to send a letter of interest and resume by February, 8, 2023  to Debi LeBrun, Business Administrator / Board Secretary, 24 Valley Road, Stanhope, New Jersey 07874 or email to

Debi LeBrun

Business Administrator / Board Secretary

Posted: January 6, 2023