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Revised Current Year Schedule and New 2023-24 Bell Schedule

At the April 26th Board of Education meeting, a revised calendar for the current school year was approved to address the unused snow/emergency days that were built into the original calendar.  This is attached below.  The last day of school for students will now be Friday, June 16.  Eighth grade graduation will take place that evening at 6:00 PM.  

Additionally, the Board approved a new 'Bell Schedule' for next school year, which is also attached for your review.  Next year, the school day will begin and end fifteen (15) minutes later than our current start and dismissal times.  Additionally, lunch will be served on 'early dismissal' days, extending those school days by 15 minutes.  Please review this schedule carefully, as it may impact your 'drop off' and 'pick up' routine.  

Steve Hagemann, Superintendent


2023-24 VRS Bell Schedule

ADJUSTED 2022-2023 District Calendar