Middle School Summer Reading List and Assignments 22-23

Summer Reading 2022

Incoming Grades 6-8

*Choose any book to read over the summer according to your grade level.   You may read one letter above your level, or one letter below your level if you choose.  For example, if you are a LEVEL V, and you do not like any of the choices, you may read a LEVEL U or a LEVEL W only.  Also, if you plan on participating in the Battle of the Books Club next year, you will notice we have indicated which books coincide with that list. Please feel free to read any additional books on this list for pleasure!

Do not choose a novel you have already read and taken an Accelerated Reader quiz for as you will be taking the quiz when you return in September.  Please feel free to read any additional books for pleasure!  Please use the public library, book stores, online books or stores, or Amazon to secure your book, and DO NOT wait until the last minute to do this.


*Read about the assignments in the document.

Summer Reading Project 2022.pdf, 102.13 KB; (Last Modified on July 20, 2022)